What is the difference between steel and wood doors?

Upgrading your garage door can add to the resale value and curb appeal of your home. It’s important to research different door types before you make your purchase.

Steel doors are more durable and less expensive than wood doors. They’re easier to install and can be used with or without garage door openers. Steel doors can be insulated and tend to have longer warranties and require less maintenance. Some steel doors can now even imitate the look of wood.

While wood doors cost more and are harder to maintain than steel doors, there are more options available to customize the look of your door. Wood doors can be stained or painted to match the exterior of your home. They won’t dent and come in a variety of styles. Due to the weight of the panels, wood doors are harder to install and require door openers to keep them on track. The wood can warp due to humidity, rain, and heat, so it’s important to keep up with the maintenance of your wood door.