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Call (707) 224–3030 to get your garage door repair estimate. We can help with the following parts:

  • Overhead repair to your garage door
  • Garage door remotes & accessories
  • Broken springs
  • Door drums
  • Worn-out rollers
  • Worn-out hinges
  • Broken or worn-out cables
  • Bent tracks
  • Panel replacement or repair

Repairs & Maintenance FAQs

Homeowners insurance will often help cover damages to your garage door if an accident is involved. However, repairs that are needed due to everyday wear and tear or poor maintenance usually require the homeowner to pay out of pocket. Check with your homeowners insurance policy to see if your door damage is covered.

Unless you have professional experience working on garage doors, you should never attempt to repair your door yourself. Your door is under a lot of tension and can cause severe injury or death if not repaired properly.

Doors working as expected should be serviced once a year to keep your door safe and your track running smoothly. Older doors with heavy use may require more frequent maintenance.

You can contact DC Door Company to schedule your yearly maintenance check. We’ll inspect and lubricate all of the parts of your door to keep it in tip-top shape.

Your track probably needs realigned. Schedule an appointment and we’ll get your door straightened up.

Check that your track and sensors are clean of items or debris that may be blocking your door’s path. If there’s nothing in the way and your door wasn’t manually locked, chances are it is an equipment or mechanical issue. Contact DC Door Company to schedule a diagnostic visit.

Whether it is your door or opener making noises, we can fix it! Contact us to schedule an appointment.

We can help! Contact us and we’ll help get your door back in working order as soon as possible.